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Introducing HX & Friends

What is HERITAGE X & Friends?

🎸A one of a kind Electronic Jam Session,

💡Beats are created on the spot, completely from scratch.

Based on these a lineup of artists starts to knock down ideas, words, sounds or original tracks in a different key.

Ideas tend to build up and turn into real demos of songs that never existed before.

🧠This brainstorming of music, people and creativity is meant to create a new format in which artists can perform live while giving life to new songs.

5 different artists have been selected for the Live Set:

HERITAGE X took care of the electronic side while teaming up with Jazz Master Giuseppe Zanca .





Tibi x Susanna x andrea

Giuseppe Zanca

The event took place the 21st of December 2022 at Lato B (Via Dall’Aste 42 - Forli, Italy)

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