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HERITAGE X Drops Electrifying Single “Run” with Big Flowdan

Updated: Apr 30

HERITAGE X, the enigmatic artist known for pushing boundaries and blending genres, has just unleashed their latest sonic creation: “Run.” This track, released under Chapter Eight Records, is a thrilling journey that combines elements of afrohouse, grime, DNB, and house music.

Let’s dive into the details of this electrifying release.

The Message

“Run” carries a powerful message: perseverance. HERITAGE X encourages listeners to keep pushing forward, regardless of obstacles. Passion fuels their journey, and excellence in their craft becomes a personal obligation. Whether you’re an artist, dreamer, or seeker, “Run” invites you to embrace your path relentlessly.

A New Genre

HERITAGE X blurs genre boundaries, fusing afrohouse, grime, DNB, and house music. “Run” embodies this fusion, creating a sonic experience that defies categorization. It’s a testament to the artist’s fearlessness and willingness to explore uncharted territory.

Taking Ownership

As both producer and mix engineer, HERITAGE X took full control of “Run.” From composition to production, mixing, and mastering, they meticulously shaped every aspect. Owning the project from start to finish allowed him to address mistakes firsthand. After all, when you’re in charge, there’s no one else to blame—a philosophy that resonates throughout “Run.”

As they meticulously crafted each layer, the excitement was palpable, blending seamlessly with the raw emotions captured in the vocals.

Skrillex and Zerb Influences

In this track, HERITAGE X draws inspiration from Skrillex and Zerb, particularly in sound design. Like the iconic producers, he challenges himself in doing something new. “Run” reflects this ethos, with intricate layers, unexpected twists, and a sonic landscape that defies convention. It’s a nod to Skrillex’s impact on electronic music, infused with HERITAGE X’s unique flair.

Chapter Eight Collaboration

“Run” marks HERITAGE X’s second collaboration with Chapter Eight Records. Their previous release, “Back to Life,” became a playlist favorite, resonating with listeners worldwide. Now, with “Run,” HERITAGE X continues to build on that success.

@itslogh Visual Artistry

The single’s artwork, masterfully crafted by Lorenzo Ghetti, aka @itslogh, adds another layer of intrigue. Lorenzo traveled to Paris to orchestrate a photoshoot, infusing the visuals with a raw, cold aesthetic.

The result? A striking visual representation that mirrors the track’s intensity. When music and art collide, something extraordinary happens.

Listen to the track here:

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