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HERITAGE X teams up with Spaziomare and AWAL for a brand new release

The upcoming track will heat the streaming platforms on February the 4th.

Behind the collaboration with Spaziomare

Upon hearing the acoustic duo Spaziomare performing the cover of 'Just The Two of Us' by Bill Withers, I was completely blown away by the idea that something beautiful could have happened if I would have had the chance to combine soul and jazzy acoustic vibes with a modern and electronic dance production.. in few months the vision became reality.

AWAL's support and distribution

This is the first track that HERITAGE X releases with AWAL (Sony Music) after signing a distribution contract with the record company in November '21.

The label will distribute the song in ~200 countries and onto all major platforms — including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Google Play, and more.

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