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HERITAGE X live on Tomorrowland's One World Radio

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

The upcoming single 'Thinking About You' selected as track of the week by Austin Kramer

September 2022 - Was quite a moment when on September the 6th at 18:41 CEST Austin Kramer announced his pick of the week on Tomorrowland's One World Radio

"Here's my pick of the week, from Italy - an artist you need to know: HERITAGE X"

The extended version of the mix started playing in background while HERITAGE X shared what the track means to him.

"Hey there, here’s Alex aka HERITAGE X, I’m excited to share with you on Tomorrowland’s One World Radio my upcoming single. It’s called 'Thinking About You' and is one of my proudest creations. I really enjoyed working on this track and I believe that what really makes it unique is the contrast of feelings that is going on in the background of the song - musically the track is quite uplifting and energetic however the lyrics and especially the story behind the track is quite the opposite. Frankly, I believe is this mixture of emotions that really makes the track interesting and unique. I really hope you will love it as much as I do! Shoutout to Austin and TBD for having me on their label and on this show - it really means a lot. Once again, here’s my new track “Thinking About You”, I’m HERITAGE X and I wish you a beautiful day."

Thinking About You

Thinking About You is a happy and positive EDM/ Electro-Pop hit, uplifting and energetic.

Will be released on September the 9th 2022 on TBD (a Blanco Y Negro imprint).

Hey, you can pre-save it here

About Austin Kramer:

•Headed Spotify's global dance/electronic editorial 2015-2020, developing and managing many playlist brands representing dance culture and subgenres.

•Programmed and hosted SiriusXM's dance channels 2007-2015.

•Developed the platform’s new music show, #betaBPM, providing weekly debuts and iconic interviews.

•Directed several festival and club live broadcasts.

•Created @sxmElectro social strategy gaining engagement and visibility for SiriusXM's dance channels


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